Patrick Burger Interview

I have begun a new podcast with All 4 Jesus Ministries. In this first episode I'm interviewing Patrick Burger, director of evangelism and outreach at All 4 Jesus. Here is an excerpt from the website bio:

"Patrick is our new Director of Outreach and Evangelism, and he is among our newest board of director members. Patrick and Erica met at the All 4 Jesus club at SUNY New Paltz and started dating in 2016. They were married in June 2018 and have been serving together since. Patrick was hired by All 4 Jesus in 2017 to be a staff evangelist. Erica joins in evangelism on the streets and assists in overseeing the discipleship of female students we work with at SUNY New Paltz.

Patrick is a graduate of Word of Life Bible Institute, and Erica teaches at Tabernacle Christian School in Poughkeepsie, New York. Please pray for Patrick and Erica as they continue to raise financial support with the hope of serving with All 4 Jesus Ministries full time."

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