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Has this sort of thing ever happened to you? If so, you're not alone. Thousands of people get scammed every year around the country. It's no longer just the Nigerian prince or the relative in trouble. It's the appeal to the notion of making a whole lot of money with minimal work.

I myself was dangerously close to falling victim to the most famous Amway scam. A young family at my church became very friendly toward me. We hung out several times and the guy seemed genuinely interested in helping me out financially because I was having hard times back then. He owned a local business, so I figured he was just going to give me a job at his place. Instead he came over one night and told me about Amway. The entire time leading up to this point he had been asking me about my dreams and my situation, and like a fool I spilled my heart out to him. During his presentation, he used all the buzzwords that were intended to draw me in, but I could tell he didn't know what they meant. The family seemed nice enough, but something was off. He told me my friends are worth money, that I would have to put up $200 to get started and the only way to turn a profit was to recruit someone under me. I spoke to my family and close friends about all these things and they all warned me to stay away from that. I'm glad I did because as soon as I said no to them, they were never seen again. Clearly, they were only interested in scamming people at church.

The two biggest pyramid scams out there I've dealt with since then are Amway and Primerica. Both involve recruiting friends to work under you so you can make a profit off their work. There are many others that are lesser known, but the idea involves selling their idea.

If you discover something and it has any of these identifying marks about it, stay away!

-They openly tell you it's not a scam.

-It's too good to be true, some will even point it out.

-If they tell you your friends are worth money.

-If you have to put up any money first.

-They might use specific buzzwords, which means they're listening to what you're saying and repeating it back to sound like they get it. Usually, they don't get it. They're just manipulating you.

-They ask personal questions about money and dreams.

-They appeal to the idea of you getting to be in on the ground floor of something that'll change the world.