George Foreman: The Boxer, The Evangelist

My guest in this special ringside edition of Fight Until The Bell Rings! is the former 2x heavyweight champion of the world, master of the popular household item and an avid street preacher. Everyone knows George as the boxer, and if they don't know him from boxing they certainly will know him because of his famous grill. However, not a lot of people know that not only is he a born-again Christian, but an active evangelist. Please take some time to listen to this interview I had with George Foreman on his days as a street preacher.

The talking points in this interview:

-How do you feel about southpaws?

-How did Jesus Christ come alive in you?

-What called you to go out to the street corner to open-air preach?

-In your own words, what does it mean to fight until the bell rings?

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