Jenifer Pepling of the Christian Collegian Network

March 29, 2019


Welcome to this special ringside edition of Fight Until The Bell Rings, the podcast that teaches evangelism with a boxing flair! Our guest today is Jenifer Pepling: the campus ministry coordinator for Gospel Partners Media, which is home to Wretched TV and Radio. If you've ever done evangelism on a college campus or want to try, you want to listen to this interview!


 Here are the talking points:

  • What is the best way to tap into a millennial's intellect to help shake their worldview and how do you segue that into the Gospel?

  • What are the top 3-5 things to keep in mind when we engage millennials to preach the Gospel?

  • A little about your testimony.

  • About the ministry you run, how it got started.

  • Briefly how you got involved with Wretched.

  • A general overview of this project, what inspired it, how does it work?

  • How can our listeners get involved?

  • Is there any other way we can help make this happen?

  • How do you like your steak?

  • What does it mean to fight until the bell rings?

Here are the references and links to contact Jenifer: Is her website for Christian Collegian Network  Is the website to visit to learn more about the What Time Is Purple? tracts.


To contact Jenifer, her email address is

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