Shocking Insight Into the Situation with North Korea. Interview with Adam Kerberg.

Regardless of what you think about what's going on at the Korean peninsula, it is a grave situation over there. Adam Kerberg served in South Korea miles from the DMZ back in the 1990's when tensions began to build, since then he has been closely monitoring what's been going on.

In this interview Adam shares with us his personal connection to the region. We also discuss why we're living in a dangerous time, why war is possible but would be more costly than we believe, and why should Christians be concerned about it.

By listening to this message, you are preparing yourself for the times we are entering. Please share this with as many people as you can because the need to inform others is urgent. We're not sharing this to cause fear, we're sharing this to prepare you for things to come and to remind you to not despair. Thank you all for listening and God bless!

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