Evangelism: The Christian's Mission

Welcome to episode #9 of our Basic Believer Training series! This is the final installment of this particular topic. Here’s a review of what we’ve gone over:

  • The glossary of Christian terminology.

  • The basics of prayer.

  • How to read your Bible.

  • Attending church.

  • Baptism.

  • Communion.

  • Tithing and giving offering

  • Spiritual warfare: the fight ahead.

So here we are at the capstone topic of what it means to be a Christian. We’re going to get you started in the exciting world of evangelism!

Imagine this: Your house is on fire, you and your whole family are trapped inside. You manage to escape, but as you observe the firefighters outside working you notice most of them are sitting there talking about how much they love their captain, polishing their fire engine, arguing over how fires are extinguished and thinking about whether or not your family would appreciate being rescued. What punishment would you expect for those fireman?

Most severe of punishment. The firemen are guilty of dereliction of duty. They are letting people fry in the house fire. It is their duty to go and save them.

Listen to this podcast to be uplifted and encouraged to share your faith.

What is evangelism?

First, What is it not?

  • For the self righteous

  • Not promotion of a denomination, church, or Pastor.

  • Not a call to earn God's favor.

  • Not a call to a more pleasant life

  • Never a call to a fat wallet

  • Never a call to a christian idol who is only all loving all the time, and never judges. Who “lovingly” tolerates and excuses all manner of sin and social corruption.

  • Never a call to a God who is tolerant of a lifestyle of lying, thieving, fornicating, same sex attraction, partying, use of drugs for recreational purposes, and idolatry. 1 Cor 6:9-10

  • Not A call to politics or a political party or a social responsibility

What or who the Gospel is for: