Welcome John Williams into SCFMinistry!

If there are 3 things in the world that John loves they are God, his wife and 4 children, and science. John enjoys discussions about anything to do with God, science, and math and would be more than happy to take a lesson on nuclear physics and segue it into the gospel for you. He graduated with honors with a bachelors of science in mechanical engineering and he specializes in metallurgy, materials science, and electro-chemical plating processes. As a process engineer, he has done work in almost every area of science in his career, including physics, electronics, programming, chemistry, and biology, and today he works for a company that makes nickel-titanium medical devices. This is all to say that John is a very logical individual who approaches all areas of life in a thorough, scientific manner, including his faith. Please feel free to ask him whatever concerns you may have about science and the Bible. He enjoys doing research and would love to help you develop a deeper understanding of God, the Bible, and how science supports the Gospel we proclaim.

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