Rules Of Engagement For Our Forums

A very important tip for success in any competitive sport is to follow and obey the referee at all times. It's no different in the world of open forums and it's certainly going to be no different for Set The Captives Free Ministries pages. This post is to clear up any confusion on how we operate, our expectations of the participants, and what you should expect from us. Perhaps you have been sent here to review our rules. If that's the case, read carefully and get back to wherever you were.

1) We are an evangelism ministry, therefore if you're not cool with Christians sharing their faith, we will be disagreeable with you. In general, Christians who have a problem with evangelism have underlying sin issues causing them to feel that way, which means we will fight to root that out.

2) Everyone involved in discussions on any of our pages are expected to show courtesy to everyone else, even those who disagree with you. We will show you fair respect, so if you get kicked out it won't be without fair warning. These are absolutely not allowed:

-No cussing

-No threats

-No insults

If you do any of this, you will be kicked out, blocked and all of your comments erased.

3) If you are a non-believer, you will show respect for our beliefs even if you don't believe in it yourself. So any blasphemy or even spelling God's name with a lower-case 'g' will get kicked out immediately.

4) Read the entire article/listen to the entire podcast/watch the entire video before commenting! We have zero interest in talking with people who are too lazy to do more than read the headline.

5) If an admin (Set The Captives Free, Willie Needham, Jim Herald or John Williams) or the contributor of any piece asks you a question, you need to answer it before you make any other comments or posts on our page. It's our ministry, show some respect. How would you like it if you were preaching at church and someone walks up to the pulpit and starts lecturing the audience on things that either have nothing to do with or completely contradict your message? We simply want to make sure people involved in our discussions actually discuss with everyone instead of talking at them.

6) No spamming! Like I said, this is our ministry, our pages, our forums. If you wish to advertise your stuff on our pages, contact us privately and we can work out some sort of advertising deal.

In conclusion, I hope you have read the rules all the way through. If you have, you'll be able to tell me my favorite joke, "How do you make a hot dog stand? You take away its chair!"