What does shadow boxing have to do with evangelism?

Do you want to be more effective in your ability to share your faith? Do you crave the level of energy other Christians seem to have in evangelism? This video gives a brief devotional to help you prepare your heart for sharing the Gospel any way you need to.

Do you prefer to do Way of the Master? Try this prayer plan and see how it helps you do it better.

How about the 4 Spiritual Laws? Yep, this will help.

Perhaps you prefer the Romans Road? Yeah, it's good for that too.

Or maybe you are more of the "Attract-er" type where people come to you about spiritual matters? Maybe you believe in friendship evangelism? Well, I'm here to tell you that spending each day in prayer for the lost and their fate will help you with whatever style of evangelism you prefer.

Just like how shadow boxing helps you throw your punches better and conditions your heart to fight longer and harder, praying for the lost and their fate will help your Gospel presentation hit the mark and keep you fighting until the bell rings!

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