The Final Round of Answers to Questions Christians Have for Other Christians

Welcome back to the third and final installment of Answers To “Questions Christians Have For Other Christians”. If you have come across this article for the first time and are wondering “What were the first two about?” or are asking “What questions?”, stop reading. Go to the blog page and read the first two articles on this subject before continuing. They will explain the Buzzfeed video, the tactics used by the people in the video (as well as the tactics we are using to debunk it), and will explain my dry, cut-the-crap-and-call-it-what-it-is-for-goodness-sake style of writing. Otherwise you may not fully understand or appreciate anything else I will write from here on.

With that said, gird your loins (seriously, how often do you get to say that!) and put on the full armor of God, because we are engaged in a battle for truth now, and I, for one, am not going to take any prisoners. It’s time to learn to use God’s Word, the Sword of The Spirit, to penetrate to our hearts (the battle field), divide the truth from the lies, and put to death the deception that is warring against us, not only in this video but also in the world we live.

So...with open hearts and open Bibles... let's do this.

Why do you feel like I have to constantly be preaching in order to be a good Christian? Is showing my friends love and grace not allowed to just speak for itself sometimes?

I feel that this question was the big turning point in the video, and what a surprise that it attacks evangelism. This has to be one of the most disagreeable subjects in the church today, and yet the Bible makes it very clear that we are commanded to do it. Matt. 28:19-20, Mark 16:15, and 2 Tim. 4:2,5 are not polite suggestions. They are directives that are given to us, not just to the disciples or just to Timothy.

Here is a question for you. Do you love your friends and family? Because if God exists and if He is not a liar (Rom. 3:4), then the whole Bible is true. If the Bible is true, then Heaven and Hell exist and Hebrews 9:27 is accurate about how everyone will be judged after they die. And if everyone is judged according to their deeds (Rom. 14:12), words (Matt. 12:36), and even their thoughts (Luke 12:2-5), and they are compared against God’s perfect Law, the 10 Commandments, they will be found guilty before the almighty, perfect, holy and righteous God. Ezekiel 18:4 tells us plainly that “the soul that sins shall die.” Have you sinned? Have your friends sinned? How about your family, or your kids? Where will they go when they die? Our only hope is to repent of our sin (i.e. turn away from sin, hating it, and obey Jesus instead), and trust in God to forgive us because Jesus paid our punishment on the cross.

Now, how are your friends going to get all that from being around you while you’re being nice to them? Sure, maybe someday somebody might ask you “What is it about you that is so different?” Even if they notice you are different and you are nice, it’s still not enough information for them to be saved! They need to hear the whole Gospel!

“So then faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the word of God.” Romans 10:17

So many Christians live their lives in silence, hoping that their good deeds will prompt people to come to them saying “Are you a Christian? I want to follow Jesus too. I want to live a holy life. Can you help me get saved?” But the reality is that will probably never happen. Why?

“There is none righteous, no, not one; There is none who understands; There is none who seeks after God. They have all turned aside; They have together become unprofitable; There is none who does good, no, not one.” Romans 3:10-12

On the other hand, Romans chapter 10 verses 13, 14, and 17 say the following:

“Everyone who calls on the name of the Lord will be saved.

How, then, can they call on the one they have not believed in? And how can they believe in the one of whom they have not heard? And how can they hear without someone preaching to them?

Consequently, faith comes from hearing the message, and the message is heard through the word about Christ.” (NIV)

Yes, we must live out our faith in front of others so that “they will see your good deeds and praise their Father in Heaven” (Matt. 5:16). But our motive should be to obey God all the time, in front of others and not in front of others, for the sake of obedience to our God because we love Him, and not to impress our unsaved friends into faith. They will notice you are different, but that doesn’t mean they will ask you why. We are clearly called to preach the Gospel with our words and our actions. And honestly, if this Gospel message is really that important, then what are you waiting for? Love your neighbor by telling them the truth!

Why is there so much racism, sexism, and homophobia in the church? Galatians 3:28 says “there’s neither Jew nor Greek, slave nor free, male nor female, for all are one in Christ Jesus.” So doesn’t that pretty much tell you that none of that stuff matters?

Where? I mean, I haven’t been everywhere, and I’m sure there are certainly areas of the country where racism and sexism is tolerated (which is disgusting to me), but I have yet to see it in any church that I have ever visited. In fact, most often I see the opposite. I usually see churches seeking to intentionally diversify their racial profile, ordain women as lead pastors, and find whatever way they can to justify homosexuality as being OK. Please do not misunderstand me. I love diversity, but to intentionally get people of color to attend your church so that your church looks diversified is kind of hypocritical.

Concerning racism and sexism, Galatians 3:28 does apply, but this woman (who proudly proclaimed herself in a different Buzzfeed video to be a homosexual) has twisted this scripture and hidden her agenda behind the mask of racism and sexism by folding homosexuality into it. Your choice of lifestyle has nothing to do with ethnicity or gender.

This is a tactic that people often use to justify homosexuality. They equate it with ethnicity, gender, skin color, or any myriad of things that we are born with and try to make a civil rights movement out of it. But in reality, homosexuality is not genetic, nor is there any scientific evidence that points to it being something that one is born with. If you want any further clarification on this matter, please take a moment to watch this video of Voddie Baucham teaching about how “Gay is NOT the new black.” Just a word of caution, it's a bit long.

I will be the first to say that homosexuals should be treated with the same respect and love as heterosexuals, which is exactly why we preach to them. Scripture is very overtly clear that homosexuality is sin (Gen 19:1-13, Lev. 18:22, Rom. 1:26-27, 1 Cor. 6:9-10, 1 Tim. 1:8-10, Rev. 21:8). All sexual immorality is sin, and is all worthy of punishment in hell, which is why we adamantly warn all people, regardless of sexual preferences, to repent and put their trust in Jesus for deliverance, both from eternity in hell and from their sinful desires. He is faithful, and His power to deliver people out of homosexuality knows no bounds if you have faith. The fact that this woman used God’s Word to justify her own sin and lead others to do the same is honestly heartbreaking for me.

What makes you decide what makes me a good Christian? Last I checked, everyone’s relationship with God is personal. In the end, the grand message here is that you’re supposed to love one another. And I’m sorry if I sound like a Hallmark advertisement, but it’s the truth.

And for the last and final question, it seems only appropriate that the Buzzfeed troupe, who present themselves as models of spiritual maturity, should end with the most snarky, sassy, 13-year-old attitude they can possibly muster. Because, of course, emotion and attitude are what make your point correct, and the more attitude you exude the more correct you are [insert sarcasm]. Be on the lookout for that. It's a pretty good red flag when someone feels the need to pack emotion into their point to help bolster it.

Now... {cracks knuckles}... let's finish this.

First of all, God decides what makes a “good Christian.” He outlined it perfectly in His Word. Secondly, you’re not a good Christian, and neither am I. Romans 3:11-12 clearly shows us that not a single soul on earth is good. You’re right that our relationships with God are personal, and if you have not personally repented of your sin and trusted in Jesus to save you, then you have no relationship with Him (1 John 3:1-10). You will be one of the many who will cry out to Jesus on Judgement day “Lord, Lord” and will hear the dreadful words “I never knew you. Away from me you practicer of lawlessness.” (Matt. 7:21-23).

And lastly, the “grand message” of the Bible is NOT that we’re “supposed to love one another.” That is A message in the Bible, but it is not “the grand message”. The grand message is that we were created to love God and be loved by Him, but we deliberately choose to spit in His face and sin right in front of Him, regardless of His love for us and with no regard for Who He is. If God were to judge every one of us right now and pluck us off the earth and toss us all in Hell He would do that which is just, because let’s be honest, we all deserve it. But God is not willing that anyone should perish but wants everyone to repent and be saved (2 Pet. 3:9, 1 Tim. 2:4).

But how can we be reconciled to Him if justice must be satisfied? We still deserve punishment, and if God simply let everyone go scott-free, then He would be corrupt. No earthly judge would get away with letting everyone go. Someone has to pay the penalty, if not us. But who would be able to, since we are all guilty and under the same sentence?

In God’s great love for us, He sent His only Son, Jesus, to be the propitiation (payment) for our sin so that God’s wrath would be poured out on Him instead of on us. Jesus lived a perfect life with no sin, the life we were supposed to live but don’t, and then died the death we were supposed to die. God Himself, out of His great love for you, took your punishment on Himself so that your debt would be paid, and then He rose from the dead, defeating death and guaranteeing resurrection unto life for all those who put their faith in Him. Your death sentence was paid by Him, and then on top of that His righteousness was imputed to you!

And what is your part in all of this? Just repent of your sin and trust in Jesus. That’s it! That is the Gospel, and that is the grand message.

So next time you watch videos on Youtube or read articles where people express their opinions on things, please always check everything against Scripture. That is our sole source of truth, not human logic which is all too fallible. And DO NOT assume that people must be correct if they are quoting Scripture. This applies to these articles as well. Check my article against Scripture. Get into God’s Word, study it, memorize it, love it, believe it for what it says in its proper context, and live it. The more time you spend praying, reading, and studying God’s Word the more you will know Him and love Him and hear His voice. Do this and you will see God’s discernment in your own life, to the praise of His glory. May God bless you and keep you.

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