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Welcome to the Southpaw Soapbox Evangelism Training Academy!

What is it?

Southpaw Soapbox is a boxing-themed intensive discipleship course on evangelism. 


There is no magic formula on sharing your faith. There are many different approaches out there that are good, but could use some improvement.


Most importantly, good evangelism needs teamwork and good training. I'm here to offer myself as a coach and trainer.  

What will you learn?

-How to represent Christ in your every day life.

-Condition your heart for evangelism so you'll be hungry to reach the lost.

-Strengthen your witness through the Word of God.

-Find your voice in regularly sharing the Gospel, which comes through practice.

-Learn how to protect yourself against unnecessary trouble.

-Learn how to handle hostility and hard questions in a witnessing situation.

There once was a man in a boxing gym who wanted to be the champion of the world in boxing. He was there everyday and worked hard. He ran, did push ups, sit ups, the speed bag, jumping rope, heavy-bag and weight lifting. However, there was one thing he refused to do: when it came time for sparring, he never threw any punches at his sparring partner. When I made this discovery, I asked why he never seems to throw any punches. He shrugged his shoulders and said, "I don't want to hurt anybody... I used to land punches, but people kept getting mad at me every time I did. So I decided to come up with a more gentle approach to boxing. Now people love getting in the ring with me!" 


Fight night arrived for this well-conditioned young man. He jumped in the ring, danced around, tapped gloves with his opponent and proceeded to not move his hands in any way other than to block. Within 30 seconds of the first round, the referee called off the fight. This man who wanted to be the boxing champion of the world, yet didn't want to hurt anybody, was disqualified within seconds of his first and only fight. How tragic...


My question to you, brothers and sisters is this: Are you like this boxer who refuses to throw punches? Are you afraid to share the Gospel with someone because you're afraid you might hurt their feelings?

Now, had this man known how boxing works, he would have understood what he needed to do to win the fight. Likewise, if you as a Christian knows how evangelism works, you are more likely to do what you have been called to do. 

In this training program you’ll learn-

  • What is your role in a person’s salvation?

  • What is God’s role in salvation?

  • What is the sinner’s role in salvation?

  • What to address to a sinner for the Gospel to make sense.

    • The conscience

    • The will to live

  • How to prepare your heart for reaching the lost with evangelistic energy.

How can I get involved?

  • Schedule an evangelism training class for your church. It can be done as a large presentation or a small group. 

  • The presentation is followed by an interactive workshop on conversation starters and brainstorming ideas for how your church can do evangelism.

  • We carry out whatever plan you come up with for evangelism.

  • Finally, together we set up a new believer's Bible study of basic discipleship concepts such as prayer, how to read the Bible, going to church, evangelism, etc... That way everyone who comes to Christ through your efforts can get connected into your church.

Here's a video series called "Throwing the Jab!" on turning apologetics into powerful evangelism.